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The Problem

The Cane Toad / The Sonoran Desert Toad

Native to South America, the Cane Toad was introduced to Florida in the 40’s in hopes that they would control pests in sugar cane fields. Instead, the venomous toads spread throughout most of Florida and killed untold numbers of dogs. 

The Sonoran Desert Toad (also called Colorado River Toad) uses the same bufotoxin. These Toads are very common in Arizona and New Mexico. 


The Poison

Cane toads have large glands on their back that produce a bufotoxin. This toxic substance is released as a defense mechanism and can severely injure or even kill your dog when it licks or bites the toad. 


The Consequences

The Cane Toad toxins can kill your dog within 15 minutes without emergency treatment. Symptoms your dog may show include excessive drooling, loss of coordination, head-shaking, pawing the mouth and convulsions. 


The Story Behind PupDefense

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I have not seen one toad since using PupDefense. It took 3-4 weeks to change their behavior, but so worth it!

Cindy (Fort Myers)

Thank you so much for developing this product. I finally have a peace of mind when letting my pup out into the yard again. Using PupDefense since November 2019.

Lisa (Naples)

I apply PupDefense once a month around my backyard and the toad activity has decreased from around 5 a week to 1 in the last three months. Thank you!

Patrick (Cape Coral)

How to use PupDefense

1. PupDefense contains oils. Therefore, it is not meant to treat porous areas like driveways or patios as this might leave stains.

2. Apply PupDefense in all areas you have seen Toads nest before. This is usually around the house and in bushes.

3. Apply PupDefense along your property line / backyard fence to create an invisible barrier for toads.

4. Apply PupDefense twice in the first month (every 2 weeks) followed by an every 60 day treatment after that.

5. PupDefense has a smell and taste that Toads don't like. Toads will change their behavior and go somewhere else to avoid crossing the PupDefense barrier to get onto your property.

6. If used as directed, PupDefense is safe for pets, children, birds and flowers.

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